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All Hands Productions has experience teaching the art of foam puppet construction. Since 2012, David Stephens has taught students how to make foam characters of their own at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. In this class, students will use materials such as foam rubber, fleece, plastics, fur, wire and an assortment of accessories to come up with original creations. Contact All Hands Productions to find out more information about hosting this class. Perfect for educators, librarians or church ministries!


Using the “Sponge-ees” method, developed by Bruce Chesse and Beverly Armstrong, students can make a very basic foam hand-and-rod puppet. Materials are prepared ahead of time so workshop participants need only assemble the pieces and parts to create their own original characters. This class is ideally suited for students ages 9 to adult. Perfect for an after-school enrichment or for an educator's workshop with a limited time-frame. Contact All Hands Productions to find out how you can host a basic foam puppet construction class!

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